Awesome workshop today Colin! Thank you 🙂

Colin- Your yoga classes inspire my life. Where does one get your book?

Be well and proud of the good you put into the world. -DS

Thank you very much for the class today, it was amazing and made me very emotional. I loved the “never ever ever ever give up your dreams”. Thank you! Namaste

Hey Colin, I was in your class last week and it was fantastic.

Colin, love your classes. And really love your music.

I appreciate your direct instructions in class and your ability to make everyone in the room feel included and comfortable.

I took my second class with you today and really enjoyed it – thank you! I look forward to more classes with you!

I’ve been taking your Vinyasa classes on Fridays and love them!

Hi Colin, I just wanted to send you a note of gratitude for your support and kindness last Friday after I got some bad news. As the first person I told, your advice could not have been more powerful or spot on and I appreciate it so so much. Thank you!

I can’t begin to convey to you what your yoga classes mean to me.

My first class with you elicited in me a deep-seated feeling of “coming home”. It was this kind of moment when you immediately know “This is it!”. You just know it is right.

Even though I’m a yoga teacher at the same studio as you, my first class with you felt like I was doing yoga for the very first time.

Your classes help me glow from inside out, allow me to get in contact with an inner sense of having a calling in this life, and make my heart smile “as big as forever”.

To say your classes are brilliant is the understatement of the year.

You are an AMAZING yoga teacher! A real gift for anybody who is lucky enough to meet you.

Hey Colin, I am the dude that attended your Monday morning session. I spoke briefly to you at the end telling you thank you that this was my first yoga class. For my first time I’m glad it was with you. You made it a pleasure and I now starting to understand my inner strength. And to breathe. Thank you again, I’m sure my wife and I will be back. -J

Thank you for yet another inspiring class.

Simply: Thank you.

Colin is an exceptional guide to me.

It’s abundantly clear how dedicated and passionate Colin is about sharing the gifts of yoga with his students.

Colin’s classes truly enhance the quality of my life, which impacts my ability to effectively help and care for others – in work and in life

Colin is intuitive, his breath and alignment cues resonate well with me, and his classes are paced in a way that I find challenging and invigorating.

I can show up tired and leave energized. I can show up stressed and leave calm and centered. It seems like I always get what I need.

I’m incredibly grateful for the magic that happens during Savasana in Colin’s classes

Hi Colin – I really dig your classes – you’re the only teacher that I travel away from my regular studio for. Namaste

Your class is the only class I like 🙂 -C

Your classes are the reason I am now a calmer person.

You are the only teacher whose classes I connect with and look forward to coming to.

Miss you! Please let us know when you are coming our way again to teach workshops! -C&H

I would like to say “thank you” for your teachings. Not only I can breathe better, but I also have gained insights into life itself. I was happy to be able to find your website this morning, and be able to email you. You are one of my favorite teachers! Thank you again. -K

I took your New Year’s class today and just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks. I’m from out of town but pop in to yoga classes here and there whenever I’m around, and am so happy that I stumbled upon this one. As a newly certified teacher myself, it’s truly inspiring to witness the poise with which you handle yourself and the genuine, kind, and loving energy you radiate – I feel blessed to have borne witness to it today. Wishing you all the best in future endeavors and thanks again for the inspirational start to 2015! -IB

I find you so inspirational. I appreciate all of your words and the boundless energy you give in our practices. I look forward to your classes every week and always leave with some new seed of thought that you’ve planted. You have beautiful and infectious energy. Thank you!! –SD

Listening to Ong Namo, it is so easy to recall and relive the sacred experience each one of your classes is to me. With the first breath we take together, I am starting a journey inward. It is like entering a temple of quiet and peace, where I have the internal freedom to “just be”. This journey inward also leads to a feeling of coming home – coming home to where I am supposed to be coming home also to that smile that spans across my entire heart, wanting to explode in laughter, hugs and tears of gratitude…

I cannot believe how lucky I am to be in the right place at the right time to experience your classes – and even spend a Sunday afternoon learning from you! Colin, I am incredibly thankful for that. -CB

I hope you are well. I attended many of your classes last year. During one of these classes while in savasana I felt my ribcage open and my heart leaped out. I felt for the first time so much love, connection and namely forgiveness. I know that moment rippled out and changed my life in a profound and magical way. I came up to you once and thanked you for opening my heart. It’s as if my few months in that city boiled down to that moment in savasana. Thank you again. I’m now back home in Jordan. I practice yoga online but nothing connects me with my practice the way I connected with you.

I hope that your absence for the next couple of weeks means that you are out in the world somewhere treasure hunting, sunset gazing, trying to capture and remember with your heart the magnificence and incredible beauty this world offers us, or that you are simply enjoying being alive and breathing in wonderful company… But whatever you are doing: Know that you are greatly missed here in Rainy City.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your love-filled words. For guiding me on my way to becoming a yoga teacher and to support my personal growth.

I thought it important to let you know how much I enjoy your power vinyasa class! Besides leaving feeling light, detoxified and energized every time, I am most drawn to what you have been sharing lately. I am about to take a leap of faith by moving with my husband and baby to Mexico….getting off the plane in order to catch the connection, if you will. Your comments about fear being an illusion are so relevant to me at this crazy time…so Thank You! I will miss your class 🙁 -GG

Colin’s classes literally change my day! His enthusiasm, energy & constant encouragement combined with fun & challenging flows are the perfect combination after a long day at work. I truly look forward to attending his classes as he continues to help me find ever more joy in yoga!

It’s hard to express in words what you have done for me. I believe you have made it possible for me to enjoy a whole new way of life. It is obvious the time and tremendous energy you put into your class. Don B.