Genetics are irrelevant, Spirituality is everything

Genetics control physical aspects of a being’s incarnation. Whereas spiritual connection extends before and beyond the parameters of physicality. Genetics are a method or modality to manufacture or manifest the physical nature of a spiritual being. Other than sharing the successful genetic coding to create a physical being – there isn’t necessarily or usually an […]


2nd Arrow Frustration

Why you need to ALSO be self frustrated to change a situation that isn’t working for you. Buddhist ideas modernized.


Winning and Losing

Colin Wolpert, High-Tech Yogi, Life Inspirer, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Author

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, until you lose. A yoga Perspective on teams and blindly following like a sheep, versus participating in integrity.


Book Synopsis – Your Feet Face Forward

Your Feet Face Forward by Colin Wolpert is an incredible story of healing that will inspire you. It is a wonderful, enlightening book containing wisdom, philosophy and triumph.

Your Feet Face Forward narrates Colin’s holistic journey back from a debilitating spinal nerve tumor to abundant health and happiness. Using the tools of yoga, meditation, visualization, and a change in philosophical perspective, he was able to heal while completely sidestepping traditional medicine.

Your Feet Face Forward inspires the reader to focus on their NOW-LIFE; not their yesterday-life or tomorrow-life; but this life: right here, right now.

Author Bio
Colin Wolpert shares his unique healing wisdom through yoga, seminars, and workshops. His radiant energy and illuminating guidance spark change and transformation. With his unwavering faith in the process of life, he reminds us to trust that everything is as it should be. He believes that yesterday’s story can be tomorrow’s miracle.



Colin Wolpert, High-Tech Yogi, Life Inspirer, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Author

You can’t get on the next airplane, until you get off the first. A new journey cannot begin until the old one is concluded.


Meet me where I’m at

If I had to say the biggest lesson I’ve learnt (or discovered) so far in my few years on this earth is to meet people where they are at. No one is going to be different to how they are because you want them to be. They may be different tomorrow, but living and waiting […]



Humble Respect & Deep Gratitude for this Practice. If anyone understands powerful healing through yoga, meditation and visualization, it’s a yogi . Your Feet Face Forward is my story of holistic healing and modern day application of yogic philosophies that I learnt from teaching yoga. I offer it with love and light and thank every […]


It’s not who’s right, it’s what’s right.

If your truth is different to my truth, it means that we don’t share the same source. It’s not uncommon for a theme of poses to flow through classes from different teachers out of the blue. Sometimes months go by and I don’t teach a particular pose and then I do – only to be […]


Life (and Death)

Feet Face Forward Yoga with Colin Wolpert - Healing Vinyasa

LIFE Remember that our time in this physicality is just a drop in the ocean in the scheme of things. Nothing ever dies – it changes form. Yes the body gets old and people leave their bodies eventually. This is why you are not your body – you are you, within your body. Your body […]