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Your life is at a crossroad.
In doubt you stand still.
Your head drops forward, your eyes come to rest upon your feet.
The realization is simple: YOUR FEET FACE FORWARD.
This is the direction in which you must proceed. Go forward.
There is nothing behind you.
Your future begins now.

The Book
Your Feet Face Forward by Colin Wolpert is an incredible story of healing that will inspire you. It is a wonderful, enlightening book containing wisdom, philosophy and triumph.

Your Feet Face Forward narrates Colin’s holistic journey back from a debilitating spinal nerve tumor to abundant health and happiness. Using the tools of yoga, meditation, visualization, and a change in philosophical perspective, he was able to heal while completely sidestepping traditional medicine.

Your Feet Face Forward inspires the reader to focus on their NOW-LIFE; not their yesterday-life or tomorrow-life; but this life: right here, right now.

Author Bio
Colin Wolpert shares his unique healing wisdom through yoga, seminars, and workshops. His radiant energy and illuminating guidance spark change and transformation. With his unwavering faith in the process of life, he reminds us to trust that everything is as it should be. He believes that yesterday’s story can be tomorrow’s miracle.

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