Remember that our time in this physicality is just a drop in the ocean in the scheme of things.

Nothing ever dies – it changes form. Yes the body gets old and people leave their bodies eventually. This is why you are not your body – you are you, within your body. Your body is an extension of your existence and present in physicality to experience your energy in a tangible and tactile way.

Because we are the ones that are responsible for actually experiencing the events of our lives, we take responsibility for these experiences – they don’t belong to anyone else – they are ours alone.

Because this blimp of time present on earth in life form and physicality is so short – there is little time to mess around or similarly take it too seriously. It’s important, yes it is. We must take care of our bodies – but it’s not the end of the world if we exit the physical system. We are present in another realm for sure.

When the karma and the lessons of this lifetime are complete – (and they don’t have to be hard or complicated) – we leave our bodies and go back to the place where we came from.

It is in THIS physicality that we are alone – it is in spirit and ether that we are together.

The relationship you are having with another being now is just the tip of the iceberg – you met here to verbalize things – you will meet back there (and here again, maybe) for the rest of time and beyond.

We are never apart – we are always together – it is only our mind that perceives distance and separation and this causes emotion and suffering.

The other beings are going to pass on. So are you, so am I.
When will this happen? That’s the variable.

When you realize that it is your own projection that is in fear of another being/person going to meet their ancestors and your future family of unborn/to be manifested humans, then you will breathe some relief.

Know that your attachment to this physicality is the creator of pain.

Realizing that there are millions of spirits/souls/existences waiting to cheer the other being back to that other world and billions of beings waiting to be born, waiting to hear all about you from that being – then you will let him/her pass peacefully.
You will meet them in dreams and you will meet them in presence when you pass.
You will see them in your friends, your family, the person on the street, and you will laugh and cry.
You will realize that life is short – it’s important, but it’s not so serious.

I send you love and light to understand that there is more to this than the reactive doctrine that humans usually fall into.

Of course you will experience grief – that’s why you’re here – not to avoid pain, but to evolve from it.

Please get on your mat everyday. Some people’s mats are yoga mats, some are chairs in meditation, some are painter’s or musician’s perches, some are dance floors, some are beaches, some are kitchens. It does not matter what modality you engage in to be connected with all that is – what matters is that you do have a wisdom practice, from where you can be all that you are, to celebrate and honor all the beings around you.

Much love and joy to you sentient being.