If your truth is different to my truth, it means that we don’t share the same source.

It’s not uncommon for a theme of poses to flow through classes from different teachers out of the blue. Sometimes months go by and I don’t teach a particular pose and then I do – only to be told by students that other teachers are also all of a sudden teaching the same unique and rare pose. This is because teachers connect to a source that feeds us. This is analogous to truth. Not the pose I chose or the other teacher’s pose, but the pose that we both choose because we both connect to the same source.

If your truth emanates from source – which is integrity, love and trust, then you will likely agree with another person whose truth emanates from source too.

If you are constantly disagreeing with people because of what you believe, it might be time to look within and see what that’s about. Integrity will always prevail. You might bully the world into seeing things your way for a while, but don’t be surprised when you your world shatters and ends. Truth is truth – not your truth, not the other person’s truth – but the universal truth of love, trust and integrity.

Making other people wrong to make yourself right is a travesty of truth.