When you come to realize that the days that flow beyond today which we cloud ahead as “the future’, you might also figure out that yesterday’s ‘today’ is simply yesterday. Yesterday is done – it is what it is and nothing you can do can change it. But the future – here’s where you have some control. Tomorrow is how you experience the fruits of today. If you’re building a house, growing a tomato or healing a wound – each day is a step to the result.

But there’s one important thing to remember when you sail through your life manifesting and creating tomorrow. It’s that the universe isn’t waiting for you. The fate of the tomato can be influenced by your watering it, but it’s path to thriving or dying is going to happen one way or the other, regardless of you – you are simply an influencer. Nature is in process. The sun will rise and the moon will set – and whether you get out of bed or not in the morning – that’s still going to happen.  You have control over so many things in your life, yet so little control over most things.

But more importantly, you are powerful beyond the limits of your thoughts – your one action of watering a tomato could be the catalyst it needed to begin it’s life. It might not have germinated if you didn’t water it. It may have managed to grow on its own anyway, even without your daily watering and care – but it did need you to spark it’s life.

So what’s the point?  ‘I get it’, you say. You get that the stuff you do today, will manifest tomorrow and the path you walk leads to the next place the day after. You get that journeys begin when you decide they do and that they end when you choose them to. You know that planting a tomato should yield a big plant if you water it and a little plant if you don’t. The point is this: When you plant a tomato, get out of bed, watch a sunrise or go to work, you are concurrently catalyzing a plethora of things that you aren’t aware of. You might be squashing a bug that you don’t see or hurting a human that you didn’t acknowledge. This is unconscious living, and therein this chaos you might think that adding a few conscious decisions to manifest something you want is how to navigate ‘life’. It’s not.

There are things you can control and there are things you can’t. When you try to control the things you can’t, you create stress and waste your time. When you don’t take control of the things within your power, you give away your ability to manifest. Every aspect of every part of your life that you can influence must be considered. Consider the space around the tomato plant.  When you water it – are you stepping on a fledgling new plant next to it – are you looking past your focus, or blindly staring with oblivion at the result that you think you want? Are you being fair to the people around you as you continue to eat unhealthy food? You can choose your plate, but you have no control of whether it rains today.

The question is whether you are mindful of the things in your life that you take for granted and ignore their powerful influence? There are more things in your life that you have no control over than the things you do. And so skipping out on noticing and addressing the subconscious, taken for granted things, takes the majority of your manifestation ability away. When you stop and notice everything around you and take active, conscious, positive steps to address and acknowledge them, you will have a clearer path to the destination and result that you want. When you see today as the opportunity to fill your tomorrow with more possibilities, you empower your manifestation.

In summary: If you acknowledge the soil, the neighbor and the sunshine when you plant a tomato tree, you’ll avail your tomorrow experience with more possibility and manifest what you seek faster, because you catalyze it with consciousness.